Find New Friends Online  

Ten things to worry about when making friends online

  1. Safety: Ensure personal information is not shared with strangers.
  2. Authenticity: Verify the identity of the person you are chatting with.
  3. Privacy: Be mindful of what information is shared and with whom.
  4. Trolling/Bullying: Be aware of negative and harmful behavior.
  5. Addiction: Limit the time spent on social media to avoid over-dependence.
  6. Online Scams: Be wary of false promises or requests for personal information.
  7. Stalking: Keep track of interactions and limit contact with those who exhibit obsessive behavior.
  8. Cyberbullying: Do not engage in or tolerate online harassment.
  9. Addiction: Take breaks from social media to maintain balance in life.
  10. Addiction: Seek help if the use of social media becomes problematic.

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